This is your complete guide to vanlife, buslife, RVlife, and tiny house festivals in 2019.  This a working list and is always being updated.  Get event updates by subscribing to my email list at the bottom of the page!

This is a complete list of all events I could find on the internet, which means not all events are created equally and some may be better suited for you than others.  Click the links to learn more about each event before deciding to go!


Jan 4-5: Women’s Rubber Tramp Rendevous in Quartzite, Arizona

Jan 12-20: Xscapers Annual Bash in Lake Havasu, Arizona

Jan 13-20: Rubber Tramp Rendevous (RTR) in Quartzite, Arizona

Jan 14-21: Skooliepalooza in Quartzite, Arizona

Jan 17-20: Buses by the Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona

Jan 18: The Gals are out with their Travel Trailers in Death Valley, California

Jan 18: Seattle Vanlife Meetup in Seattle, Washington

Jan 26: The Vanlife App Meetup 10am-4pm in San Diego, California

Jan 28: Vacay Vans Pop-Up Event at Tucson Hop Shop in Tucson, Arizona

Jan 31- Feb 4: Xscapers Florida Fomo Meetup in Jacksonville, Florida


Feb 2nd: Max & Lee 3-7pm Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, Australia

Feb 9-10: Tiny House Design Weekend Workshop in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Feb 14-18: Skoolie Swarm in Brooksville, Florida

Feb 15-17: Vanlife Diaries Gathering in Crescent Head, Australia

Feb 15-17: Comfort Camping Club in Missouri

Feb 15-17: Arizona RV Dispersed Camping in Tucson, Arizona

Feb 15-18: Springfield RV Camping and Outdoor Show in Massachusetts

Feb 16: Orange County Vanlife in Tustin, California

Feb 16th: Vanlife Diaries x Be Kind Vibes Pop-Up Event 5pm-9pm in San Diego, California

Feb 23-24: Great American Tiny House Show in Tampa, Florida


Mar 1-3: Georgia Tiny House Festival in Atlanta, Georgia

Mar 15-17: Arizona RV Dispersed Camping in Sonoita, Arizona

Mar 17: Vanlife Diaries Sessions at Grant Molony Art Studio in Gold Coast, Australia

Mar 10-24: Northern California Vehicle Campers in Cantil, California

Mar 16: SoCal Adventure Expo & Vehicle Show in San Juan Capistrano, California

Mar 17-22: Xscapers Escapade in Tucson, Arizona

Mar 21-24: RV Entrepreneur Summit in Guntersville, Alabama

Mar 23-24: Great American Tiny House Show in Denver, Colorado

Mar 23-24: St Pete Tiny Home Festival in St Pete, Florida

Mar 23-24: Tiny House Festival Australia at Bendigo Racecourse in Ascot, Australia

Mar 29-31: The Vanlife App Gathering in Santa Barbara County, California


Apr 4-12: Xscapers Convergence in Moab, Utah

April 5-7: Vanlife Diaries Sunshine Coast Gathering at Bluff Creek Campground, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Apr 12-14: Comfort Camping Club in Washington State Park, Missouri

Apr 13: The Vanlife App Fiesta Island Clean-up in San Diego, California

Apr 17-21: RendezVan in Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Apr 12-14: Arizona RV Dispersed Camping in Payson, Arizona

April 18: Vacay Vans x IntalleyVision Happy Hour in Austin, Texas at Central Market North Lamar 6-9pm!  We’ve be giving tours of our vans and answering questions about vanlife!

April 18-22: Tampa Bay Group Camping and RVing in Tampa Bay

April 20: SoCal Adventure Expo & Vehicle Show (check site for location)

April 25-29: Tampa Bay Group Camping and RVing in Tampa Bay (different event)

Apr 26-28: Comfort Camping Club in Missouri

Apr 26-29: Northern California Vehicle Campers in Morro Bay, California

Apr 27-28: Great American Tiny House Show in Portland, Oregon

Apr 27: NZ Tiny House & Alternative Living Conference in Auckland, New Zealand


May 3-5: Cinco De Moab “And She’s Dope Too” women’s event in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

May 3-5: Hoosier Happy Campers in New Castle, Indiana

May 10-12: Go-Van vanlife gathering in Vancouver, Canada

May 10-12: Northern California Vehicle Campers in Fort Bragg, California

May 10-12: Kansas City RVing Meetup in Rock Creek, Kansas

May 10-13: Camp Quirky in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

May 11-12: Atlantic Station Tiny House Festival in Atlanta, Georgia

May 16-19: Dachzelt Festival for Rooftop Nomads in Germany

May 17-19: Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona

May 17-19: Veterans Outreach of Illinois Tiny House Festival in Aurora, Illinois

May 17-19: Project Vanlife x Gnomad Home Midwest Gathering in Illinois

May 23-28: Northern California Vehicle Campers in Calaveras, California

May 24- June 2: Xscapers Convergence in New Mexico

May 24-26: Kansas City RVing Meetup in Pomona Lake, Missouri

May 31- Jun 2: Tiny Living Festival in Nashville, Tennessee


Jun 1-2: Small Home Expo in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Jun 8-13: Vanlife California Road Trippin Festival in Santa Cruz, California

Jun 8-9: Outer Banks Tiny Home Festival in Nags Head, North Carolina

Jun 8-9: TinyFest MidWest in Louisburg, Kansas

Jun 14-16: Vanlife Diaries x Van Project in Grand Tetons at Linn Canyon Ranch in Victor, Idaho

Jun 21-23: Colorado Tiny House Festival in Brighton, Colorado

Jun 21-23:  Hoosier Happy Campers in Bluffton, Indiana

Jun 27-30: The Outbound Pursuit Series in Snowbasin Resort, Utah

Jun 30- July 7: Xscapers Convergence in Colorado

TinyFest California


July 12-14: Vanlife Diaries x Tiny House, Tiny Footprint Gathering in Basalt, Colorado

July 11-14: Open Roads Vanlife Festival with Bearfoot Theory in McCall, Idaho

July 18-22: Xscapers Convergence in Alaska


Aug 2-4: People’s Tiny House Festival in Fountain, Colorado

Aug 2-4: Xscapers Convergence in Colorado

Aug 8-11: The Outbound Pursuit Series in Northern California

Aug 17-18: TinyFest Northwest in Salem, Oregon

Aug 16-18: Vanlife Diaries x Idle Theory Bus Gathering in Taos, New Mexico

Aug 30- Sept 2: Hoosier Happy Campers in Heltonville, Indiana


Sep 6-8: California Tiny House Festival in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Sept 7-8: Adventure Van Expo in Homewood, California

Sept 13-15: The Oregon Love Adventure Camp Out in Hoodoo Mountain, Oregon

Sept 14-16: Go-Van vanlife gathering in Quebec, Canada

Sept 19-22: The Outbound Pursuit Series in North Carolina

Sept 20-22: Vanlife Diaries x Asheville Vanlife Rally in Asheville, North Carolina

Sept 27-29: Vanlife Diaries x Tomfoolery Outdoors Midwest Gathering

IndieRV Campout (TBD)

TinyFest Northwest (TBD)


Oct 11-13: Tiny Footprint Expo in San Luis Obispo, California

Oct 18-20: Vanlife Diaries x Irie to Aurora Dirty South Gathering in New Orleans, Lousiana

Decend on Bend in La Pine, Oregon (TBD)


Vanlife Diaries x Vacay Vans Pop-Up Event in Austin, Texas (TBD)

Nov 8-10: TinyFest California in Los Angeles Area, California

Demographic-Specific Event Groups

Sisters on the Fly (women only)

WIN RV Singles (mature singles only)

Escapees (retired-aged travelers)

Loners on Wheels (solo travelers)

Fulltime Families (obvi)

RV Clubs events

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6 thoughts on “Your Complete Guide to Vanlife, Buslife, RVlife, and Tiny House Events in 2019

    1. Thanks Lauren! I’m happy to help everyone connect a little easier this year. I’ll be updating this VERY soon, as I know some big announcements are coming up within the next couple weeks!

  1. This is so helpful! I’ve been doing my best to keep updated on these things but struggle to find them before they’re full/sold out. Thanks for putting this together and definitely making it possible for me to get out to some of these events!

    1. Yay I’m so glad this is helpful! I definitely recommend checking out the Vanlife Diaries events– I’m working with them this year and their gatherings are always epic!

  2. Hi!
    I really have enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing!
    The event in Austin tomorrow, is it just a happy hour gathering or will there be vanlife info presented?

    1. Hi Lynn! Thanks for reading! The Austin event tomorrow will be a happy hour with van tours and we’ll also share about our experiences with vanlife and answer questions! Hope to see you there!

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