This is your complete guide to vanlife, buslife, RVlife, and tiny house festivals in 2019.  This a working list and is always being updated.  Get event updates by subscribing to my email list at the bottom of the page!

***Note: It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to click the links to learn more about these event before deciding to go– some of these events cater to different types of tribes and age-groups. This is not a curated list, it’s a list of everything put on our radar.***


Jan 4-5: Women’s Rubber Tramp Rendevous in Quartzite, Arizona

Jan 12-20: Xscapers Annual Bash in Lake Havasu, Arizona

Jan 13-20: Rubber Tramp Rendevous (RTR) in Quartzite, Arizona

Jan 14-21: Skooliepalooza in Quartzite, Arizona

Jan 17-20: Buses by the Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona

Jan 18: The Gals are out with their Travel Trailers in Death Valley, California

Jan 18: Seattle Vanlife Meetup in Seattle, Washington

Jan 26: The Vanlife App Meetup 10am-4pm in San Diego, California

Jan 28: Vacay Vans pop-up Happy Hour 5:30-7:30pm in Tucson, Arizona at Tucson Hop Shop

Jan 31- Feb 4: Xscapers Florida Fomo Meetup in Jacksonville, Florida


Feb 2nd: Max & Lee 3-7pm Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, Australia

Feb 9-10: Tiny House Design Weekend Workshop in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Feb 14-18: Skoolie Swarm in Brooksville, Florida

Feb 15-17: Vanlife Diaries Gathering in Crescent Head, Australia

Feb 15-17: Comfort Camping Club in Missouri

Feb 15-17: Arizona RV Dispersed Camping in Tucson, Arizona

Feb 15-18: Springfield RV Camping and Outdoor Show in Massachusetts

Feb 16: Orange County Vanlife in Tustin, California

Feb 16th: Vanlife Diaries x Be Kind Vibes Pop-Up Event 5pm-9pm in San Diego, California

Feb 23-24: Great American Tiny House Show in Tampa, Florida


Mar 1-3: Georgia Tiny House Festival in Atlanta, Georgia

Mar 15-17: Arizona RV Dispersed Camping in Sonoita, Arizona

Mar 10-24: Northern California Vehicle Campers in Cantil, California

Mar 17-22: Xscapers Escapade in Tucson, Arizona

Mar 21-24: RV Entrepreneur Summit in Guntersville, Alabama

Mar 23-24: Great American Tiny House Show in Denver, Colorado

Mar 23-24: St Pete Tiny Home Festival in St Pete, Florida

Mar 23-24: Tiny House Festival Australia in Ascot, Australia

March 23: SoCal Adventure Expo & Vehicle Show in San Juan Capistrano, California

San Diego Vanlife Meetup (TBD)


Apr 4-12: Xscapers Convergence in Moab, Utah

Vanlife Diaries x Vacay Vans Pop-Up Happy Hour in Flagstaff, Arizona (TBD)

Apr 12-14: Comfort Camping Club in Washington State Park, Missouri

Apr 12-14: Arizona RV Dispersed Camping in Payson, Arizona

April 18-22: Tampa Bay Group Camping and RVing in Tampa Bay

April 25-29: Tampa Bay Group Camping and RVing in Tampa Bay (different event)

Apr 26-28: Comfort Camping Club in Missouri

Apr 26-29: Northern California Vehicle Campers in Morro Bay, California

Apr 27-28: Great American Tiny House Show in Portland, Oregon


May 3-5: Hoosier Happy Campers in New Castle, Indiana

May 10-12: Northern California Vehicle Campers in Fort Bragg, California

May 10-12: Kansas City RVing Meetup in Rock Creek, Kansas

May 16-19: Dachzelt Festival for Rooftop Nomads in Germany

May 17-19: Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona

May 17-19: Veterans Outreach of Illinois Tiny House Festival in Aurora, Illinois

May 17-19: Project Vanlife x Gnomad Home Midwest Gathering in Missouri

May 23-28: Northern California Vehicle Campers in Calaveras, California

May 24- June 2: Xscapers Convergence in New Mexico

May 24-26: Kansas City RVing Meetup in Pomona Lake, Missouri

May 10-12: Go-Van vanlife gathering in Vancouver, Canada

San Diego Vanlife Meetup (TBD)


Jun 1-2: Small Home Expo in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Jun 8-13: Vanlife California Road Trippin Festival in Santa Cruz, California

Jun 8-9: Outer Banks Tiny Home Festival in Nags Head, North Carolina

Jun 21-23: Colorado Tiny House Festival in Brighton, Colorado

Jun 21-23:  Hoosier Happy Campers in Bluffton, Indiana

Jun 27-30: The Outbound Pursuit Series in Snowbasin Resort, Utah

Jun 30- July 7: Xscapers Convergence in Colorado

TinyFest California

Vanlife Diaries x Van Project Gathering in Grand Tetons, Idaho


July 11-14: Open Roads Vanlife Festival with Bearfoot Theory in McCall, Idaho

July 12-14: Vanlife Diaries x Tiny House, Tiny Footprint Gathering in Basalt, Colorado

July 18-22: Xscapers Convergence in Alaska

San Diego Vanlife Meetup (TBD)


Aug 2-4: People’s Tiny House Festival in Fountain, Colorado

Aug 2-4: Xscapers Convergence in Colorado

Aug 8-11: The Outbound Pursuit Series in Northern California

Aug 26- Sept 2: Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada (What’s Burning Man??)

Aug 30- Sept 2: Hoosier Happy Campers in Heltonville, Indiana


Sept 7-8: Adventure Van Expo in Homewood, California

Sept 13-15: The Oregon Love Adventure Camp Out in Hoodoo Mountain, Oregon

Sept 14-16: Go-Van vanlife gathering in Quebec, Canada

Sept 19-22: The Outbound Pursuit Series in North Carolina

Sept 20-22: Asheville Vanlife Rally in Asheville, North Carolina

IndieRV Campout (TBD)

TinyFest Northwest (TBD)

San Diego Vanlife Meetup (TBD)


Decend on Bend in La Pine, Oregon

Oct 25-27: Vanlife Diaries x Irie to Aurora in New Orleans, Lousiana


San Diego Vanlife Meetup (TBD)

Demographic-Specific Event Groups

Sisters on the Fly (women only)

WIN RV Singles (mature singles only)

Escapees (retired-aged travelers)

Loners on Wheels (solo travelers)

Fulltime Families (obvi)

RV Clubs events

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